The Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel

at Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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Bernese Mountain Dog puppies at Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada Bernese Mountain Dog puppies at Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada Cape Bernese - The Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel at Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada Bernese Mountain Dog puppies at Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Berrnese Mountain Dog Puppies sleeping

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies having a nap

Bernese Mountain Dog Senta

retired Bernese Mountain Dog Senta is watching over the Bras d'Or Lake

Bernese Mountain Dogs Moritz and Senta

our Bernese Mountain Dogs Moritz and Senta at our driveway

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies exploring

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies exploring water

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themed object the heart of Cape Breton Island, at the Shore of the Bras d'Or Lake

  • Elisa and Rueger have celebrated their "honeymoon" at Easter 2018.
  • If everything goes well we hope to have our next litter arround 1 June.
  • As soon we know details it will be posted here!
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Welcome to Cape Bernese

The Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel

in the heart of Cape Breton Island, at the Shore of the Bras d'Or Lake

in Nova Scotia, CANADA


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On this page we provide you with some articles, published by others.

We have been approached very often with some controversial questions. These article cover very often asked and discussed themes.

These articles do not necessarily reflect our own opinion to 100%, but it comes very close...
We like this articles very much and we are identifying us with them.
So we thought why not sharing them with you?

more to come..

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newest: Article #9


Puppy love transcends borders, tugs at heartstrings

By LESLEY CHOYCE       The Chronicle Herald  Monday, 27 March 2017,    Page D2

When our dog, Murdo, died in the winter of 2016, Linda and I grieved as much as any dog owners grieve over the loss of a longtime companion. For weeks, I continued to come home and automatically expect him to greet me at the door only to suddenly remember that he was gone. Like any major loss in our lives, it takes a while for it to fully sink in.

But as spring arrived, Linda and I agreed it was time to find another canine soul to share our home.




Article #8


Stop the sale and import of dog and cat fur and pelt in Canada


Online Petition e-123 (Fur Industry)

Initiated by Michael Howie from Hamilton, Ontario, on January 18, 2016


Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled




Article #7


Why I've Had a Change of Heart - About Neutering Pets


By Dr. Becker on Healthy Pets

Story at-a-glance Dr. Becker: "The Truth about Spaying and Neutering"

Once a huge advocate of spaying or neutering every dog early in life, after being in private practice for a few years, Dr. Becker noticed many of her canine patients were developing endocrine-related disorders. After a conversation with an expert in the field of veterinary endocrinology, Dr. Becker realized her practice of insisting on early spays or neuters for every dog patient had left many of them with serious health problems.




Article #6


Beware backyard breeders


By PAT LEE,        The Chronicle Herald    5 January 2015, 2014        page C1, C2

Copyright (c)2015 The Halifax Herald Limited 01/05/2015


Couple shares story of beloved but ‘doomed from the start’ Newfoundland dog


PET CORNER On Dec. 22, Natasha Atkinson and Jody O’Brien made the agonizing decision to have their majestic Newfoundland dog Bruno euthanized.



Pat Lee is a former editor at and a volunteer with various animal rescue organizations, including the Nova Scotia SPCA. Follow Pet Corner on Facebook. @PatriciaGailLee



Article #5


Petco to stop selling dog and cat treats made in China


By Lenny Bernstein,        The Washington Post    May 20, 2014 at 7:26 pm


Petco said Tuesday that it will stop selling dog and cat treats made in China by the end of this year because of fears that the imported treats are making pets sick. The pet food retailer said shoppers have asked it to stop selling treats from China, and it will switch to items made in the United States, New Zealand, Australia and South America, according to the Associated Press.

As my colleague, Brady Dennis, reported in March, the FDA is still stumped after seven years of study by what in jerky treats might be killing dogs. In an update issued Friday, the agency said 1,000 dogs had died and the total number of reported illnesses now includes “5,600 dogs, 24 cats and three people.”  (There was no word on how humans – or felines for that matter – came to consume chicken, duck and sweet potato treats intended for canines).

Petco rival PetSmart Inc., which is based in Phoenix, and also runs about 1,300 stores, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from the AP.


Lenny Bernstein writes the To Your Health blog.
He was previously a reporter, editor and MisFits columnist for The Post. Follow him on Twitter: @LennyMBernstein.



Article #4




By Amy Sugar, D.V.M.,  BSc.       DOGS IN CANADA    March 2006         Page 24


My clients, heartbroken after losing a beloved family member, often seek my advice about  when the 'right' time will be to welcome a new pet into their lives. I offer guidance and support but have found that, as with most important questions in life, the answer often comes from within.

It may seem that everyone you meet has advice to offer about when to get a new pet.
The best advice is to never let anyone talk you into getting another pet before you are ready.
There's no rule on timing. It is variable and related to the period you and your family need to grieve and reach closure.



Article #3




By Jeff Grognet, D.V.M. DOGS IN CANADA September 2010 Page 50


Although many herbs  are used based on anecdotal evidence, some have been tested and scientific proof exists to recommend them in dogs.

For example, valerian root, marketed either alone or with other herbs, is' used to combat nervousness. Nicknamed "herbal Valium," it reduces stress and anxiety by altering brain GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid) levels. ...

Natural does not always mean safe.



Article #2


Spaying and Neutering


By Diane Jermyn DOGS IN CANADA ANNUAL 2013 Page 15

When to spay (for females) and neuter (for males) is another hot topic, especially for breeders and trainers who don't agree with the standard veterinary recommendation of sterilizing at six months of age.



Article #1


Reality check: The lowdown on what being a breeder is really like


By Naomi Kane       DOGS IN CANADA   September 2007   Page 28/29/30/31

You have seen the gorgeous glossy puppy photos in magazines, the picture-perfect whelping boxes and X-pens, a proud mom dog in perfectly groomed condition gazing into the camera as her litter of nine nurses contentedly.

Yeah right! It’s time for a reality check!

Once you decide to breed dogs, all the glamour leaves the dog world.
In some ways you can’t wait to be rid of the little monsters but it will pull at your heartstrings every time a puppy leaves. But at least you will get paid, right?
Just don’t do the math and you’ll be happy with the cash. 

Breeding is a passion; you won’t get rich in the monetary sense, but you will be rich in dogs and friends.



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